Choosing Work


There’s a secret that they don’t tell you in high school or college. For most people, they don’t tell you at any point in your life.

In high school they keep it from you because they claim you’re too young to think about it. In college they keep it from you because they don’t know how to tell…


"Siege of Cranes" at Uris Library.
Part of the “Siege of Cranes” installation, now completed, in the Uris Library entrance lobby. Composed of 1,000 paper origami cranes and more than 500 LED lights, this exhibit is the preamble to the exhibition “When the Emperor was Divine,” honoring Julie Otsuka’s novel (which is this year’s New Student Reading Project book). The crane installation was conceptualized and designed by Alberto Embriz-Salgado ‘14, student designer-in-residence for Olin and Uris libraries. Learn more

Photo by Joe Wilensky